We can supply a turn-key solution. Supply devices, modems, solar power and hosting of the Server in our cloud. You install the equipment.

Costs vary depending on quantity but a guide for a system that requires solar power, broadband modems and cabinets will cost $3000 per station plus software and hosting of $100 per link per month.

The BTSD is a dedicated Bluetooth Listener, designed and built by Softgineering Pty Ltd. It is not a Linux or hobby computer but designed to have a low power, long MTBF and high heat tolerance. The MTBF is greater than 10 years, power consumption less than 150 mA and temp range -10 to 75. Just plug in 5 volt power, Ethernet cable and attach an antenna.

Browser configurable, and password protected, set up Server address, transmission format and encryption details.

Cost 1-10 $650, 10+ please contact

The systems runs in a DotNet evironment and can use either MS-SQL or MySQL as the database. All calculations and measurements are carried out in memory and the database is only used to store results. As a guide a current i7 with 16 gig memory can monitor 300 devices and 700 links using 10% of its power and 25% of its RAM.

Cost is based on number of links. Example 300 Devices and 700 links is $50K per year.